Yoga in Bali

Bali in Indonesia is the best places for Yoga classes, retreats and centers. In the early 20’s this island was only famous for its God-gifted nature, beautiful sea-shore, and its culture. But now it is noted for Yoga as well. As this island is blessed with some cultural activities. Yoga is nothing, but physical exercise done in a spiritual manner. While performing it, we require peace around us and Bali, Indonesia is the best place for that. Yoga styles that are famous in Bali are:


It is a type of fitness technique that is a kind of fusion. This type is enhanced to fit in the yoga mold and has been modified. It always has the aspects of traditional yoga, gymnastics, calisthenics, Pilates, and dance. This Yoga style is specially designed to improve one’s health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty.


This yoga style is considered the grandfather of the all modern forms of Yoga. It is also considered as a part of hatha yoga as it has the same postures and poses as Hatha Yoga. However, while doing Ashtanga Yoga the student must do it in a strict manner and with an intense sequence.


It is based on the techniques of traditional yoga. The classes arranged for this are exactly 90 minutes. It is also known as hot yoga, since it is always practiced in a heated room. This yoga style is suitable for yoga practitioners as well as non-practitioners of any age.


In Sanskrit, Hatha is the combination of “Ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon. Also, one of the meanings of Hatha Yoga is the Union of Opposites. This yoga style is a combination of yoga postures or asanas, along with the pranayama, i.e., breathing work, and meditation that is used to create the union of body and mind. Hatha Yoga classes are slow-paced stretching classes and have some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help you be entirely comfortable with Yoga.


It is one of the toughest styles. This yoga style is designed for getting hands-on experience of highest consciousness. This yoga style is not religion based. It is sacred and scientific. There is some mythology behind this. However, it is an entirely scientific yoga style, and this provides a method to experience the divine identity within him. It is also universal and the non-denominational.

Vinyasa / Yoga Flow:

It is a series of yoga postures or asanas which are practiced in a rhythmic flow in tandem with breathing exercise. Vinyasa itself covers a broad range of yoga styles. Also, Vinyasa means the breath-synchronized movement. It is known as flow or vinyasa flow because of the smooth transition between poses, making it look like a dance.

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